Bayeté Todd Cochran

Bayeté (Todd Cochran) – Worlds Around The Sun

Bayeté Todd Cochran “Worlds Around The Sun”

Bayeté Todd Cochran “Worlds Around The Sun”
1 It Ain’t
2 Free Angela
3 Njeri
4 I’m On It
5 Bayete’
6 Eurus
7 Phoebe
8 Shine The Knock

Todd Cochran (aka’ Bayeté)’s 1972 Prestige Records album Worlds Around The Sun was very much a product of the era and location in which it was conceived and recorded. The San Francisco Bay Area was a cultural landscape with a vibrant music scene (Sly & The Family Stone, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape) and intense political activism (Black Panther Party, Berkeley Free Speech Movement) interwoven with a progressive literary history (City Lights Bookstore and the Beats) as well as the birthplace of the counter-culture (the Hippies and Haight-Ashbury).
– Pat Thomas

Bayeté is one of those beautiful young brothers who is vibrant and full of energy. He has a hell of a sense of humor. He’s truthful and has a deep communication for other people’s feelings. Constantly aware of music around him, he’s easily able to transmit his thoughts and feelings about what positions he holds in this universe to music. Love, peace, revolutions, personal failures, and triumph–the oppressor and the oppressed. He loves heroes… Constantly moving and on the go, it seems like he’s doing three or four things at the same time… He holds a joy that is as illusive as a rabbit but still as apparent as the very earth he stands on… It’s really a groove to know him, feeling as I do about him–to be able to bullshit as we do on the telephone, or walking and talking–and then to be with him on the same bandstand and have all our questions and thoughts become music. – Bobby Hutcherson ”Worlds Around The Sun” album liner notes