I Play French Horn

“I recently had the pleasure of hearing Bob Watt’s newly recorded CD master. What a delightful collection of works, old and new, for horn in various contexts! This record covers a good chunk of the history of music (from Bach to present day), and everything is performed with gusto, great skill and beautiful tone. This is a different horn record, a very entertaining one, and deserves attention”
– Esa-Pekka Salonen

“Throughout this stellar album by Bob Watt, a wondrous musical space is created that Watt inhabits spiritually with striking power and finesse. I found myself imperceptibly drawn into this realm by the deep, sometimes dark, luster of his music. There are occasional ‘quotes’ to orient the listener in musical time and space, or to pay respects to other great musicians, but there is never a hint of imitation. The spiritual journey that this album beckons the listener to embark on reaches far. At times the music soars; at others it is alternately haunting, angry, humorous, prayerful and caressing. Its messages are in the feelings it engenders. Each of the selections in this collection provides an artistically satisfying experience while together rendering a coherent musical mosaic.”
– Paul Robeson Jr.

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